Car hauling is the loading of vehicles into a truck for transportation. The job description for car haulers is mainly double checking car restraints during transportation of an automobile. Car hauling jobs require professionals’ inorder to avoid accidents which may be caused by loose restraints.

For one to get employment in the car hauling job description. The following criteria should be met:

  • Drug testing: Regular drug tests are performed to ensure that the haulers are not using any un-prescribed drug(s) when they are working. Drug abuse may have dire consequences as they reduce overall performance.
  • Age: Some employers impose either minimum or maximum age requirement which is ensures that only the experienced drivers are able to work for them.
  • High School diplomas: Employers put up this job requirement as an assurance that the driver has some form of formal basic education.
  • Training Courses: It is important that a car hauler is able to undergo some formal training that will be able to help counter unexpected breakdowns or mechanical problems that are usually experienced during transportation.
  • Holder of a license. Car haulers are usually associated with heavy trucks. Therefore, most governments require the drivers to have state-issued commercial drivers licenses.
  • Good health. Due to the long distance trips and being away from home, car haulers should be free from any sickness and should also be able to adapt well to new environments. For areas affected with adverse weather conditions, these haulers should be able to come up with innovative ways to combat the effects that accompany the conditions.

In conclusion, car hauling jobs require a hardworking individual who is able to cope with the long hours away from social life, a strict time keeper and last but not least, the prospect employee should be able to have an eye for detail.

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